Our Story



Founders Pete, Anita, Mohamed and Mona were friends for years, when Pete and Anita’s son was born with FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome) a condition which rendered him unable to eat or drink foods with certain proteins, cow’s milk being one of them.  Mohamed mentioned an alternative to cow's milk...camel’s milk.  He researched camel's milk and contacted various farmers around the country. Pete and Anita decided to give the camel’s milk a try.  Luke not only liked it, he was able to tolerate it!  This very sick little boy who could not hold much of anything down, was now able to get the valuable nutrients that he needed.  They were so impressed that they decided to contact the source of the product directly. Camel Milk America was established with the goal of enlightening people about this healthy milk alternative and to make camel's milk available and affordable.  They call it "The Camel Milk Effect."

Camel's milk changed their lives and they hope it changes yours too.

Thank you from all of us at Camel Milk America!