Our Milk



Our milk is gently pasteurized at 146 degrees. This low temperature vat pasteurization eliminates potentially harmful microorganisms in the milk, however, the beneficial enzymes and nutrients remain intact. This preserves the wonderful flavor and benefits of the milk.  It goes straight from the camel, pasteurized then bottled and packaged directly from the farm within hours of milking.  It is then shipped directly to you-the consumer.  Farm fresh goodness in a bottle!


Raw milk is unpasteurized in its natural form.  Some people prefer raw milk because the pasteurization process may eliminate some of the natural enzymes that are beneficial.  Due to FDA regulations, we are not permitted to sell or ship raw camel milk outside the state of Missouri.  If you are a Missouri resident and would like to purchase raw milk, please contact us directly at 937-701-1138.


Homogenization is a factory process where pressure is applied to prevent separation in milk.  It doesn’t affect the nutritional value. The separation you see in the bottle is perfectly normal.  Just shake and enjoy!